Friday, December 08, 2006

Secret Santa

A little late I know but we had a wonderful time on Wednesday with the knitting group at Stash when we had our christmas secret santa meeting, I got these wonderful Serendipity Needles with the beautiful daisy pattern on the end.

And the wonderful Leslie knitted us the most wonderful knitted flower brooches, they came in all different colours, I think I am going to follow Diane's example and wear them in my hair so they don't get crushed.

A lot of laughter was heard and christmas food
was eaten.

I managed to do a little christmas shopping yesterday but ended the day feeling very unwell, I think I must have eaten Nuts in something haven't quite narrowed down the suspects yet but did have a chance to pick up some more lovely tea plates this time but two of the other Meakin brothers, it is the forum pattern, can't quite work out the date from the stamp but they are a beautiful addition to my growing collection.

And finally on the knitting side I have been struck with the dishcloth bug and am half way through the third one, I have also been working
on the green jay walkers and a couple of other gift things. Posted by Picasa


mrspao said...

What great gifts :) The Meakin plate is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

ooooohhhhhh....Your yummy Serendipity needles match the washcloths perfectly;) Those colors make me think of sherbert icecream.

Okay...and now I'm hungry again!

Take care,
Your SP.

I now predict you will ALWAYS have a ballband on the needles! he he..

Annarella said...

Your new needles are yummy!! Lucky lucky gal :) xxx