Friday, December 08, 2006

One Word Meme

No Exceptions and no cheating I borrowed this from over at Annarellas Blog

Your Boyfriend/girlfriend (spouse):- Andy
Your hair :- Knotty
Your Mother:- Challenging
Your Father :- Ill
Your favourite item :- memories
Your dream last night:- unmemorable
Your favourite drink :- Tea
Your dream car :- Jeep
The room you are in :- Living room
Your Ex :- lost
Your fear :- heights
What do you want to be in 10 years? :- Happy
Who you hung out with last night?:- Andy
What you're not :- Thin
Muffins :- Apple
One of your wish list items :- Dog
Time :- Flying
The last thing you did :- Blog
What you are wearing:- Nightdress
Your favorite weather :- Crisp
Your favourite book :- Pride and Prejudice
The last thing you ate:- Chewit
Your Life:- Complicated
Your Mood :- Up
Your best friend :-fantastic
What are you thinking about right now? :- lunch
Your car:- Nonexistent
What are you doing at this moment :- Freezing
Your summer:- Transmogrifying
Your relationship status :- Taken
What is on your TV :- NTL box
What is the weather like? :- disgusting
When is the last time you laughed ? :- This Morning
Who do you tag?:- You


Annarella said...

Your favourite item made me smile... :) xx

I, like the view said...

why were you thinking of lunch at 4 in the morning!

were you freezing because you were only wearing a nightie?

oh, this is just prompting too many questions for me!

an interesting post. . .