Friday, December 29, 2006

Hi 2

In the end we had a nice peaceful Christmas as in the end Dad was only released for 24hrs this took most of Christmas Eve to resolve which meant Christmas Eve itself was a bit mad and in the end my brother came up trumps and got a lot of my fresh food shopping whilst he brought his which he brought to the hospital for me. Dad finally got released on Christmas morning so I couldn't help my brother even if I wanted to so I spent Christmas Eve up at the hospital before returning home and spending two peaceful days at home with Andy and Womble. And yes I didn't get dressed all day it was great. We slept late and got up and had a full English breakfast at about half ten ( real treat for us) and then ate our christmas dinner around 6pm with us sharing the cooking duties, womble even had a little Turkey.
The flower cube in the picture is one of my brothers presents that he manages to find each year this one is solar powered and sways backwards and forwards (you may remember the singing cubes last year).
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