Monday, November 28, 2005

A Lost Weekend

Ok its not as exciting as it sounds,just had a bit of a rough weekend and decided to rest my back completely so didn't actually leave the house at all in fact spent most of the time was spent being propped up in bed watching junk TV and knitting. This meant that I got the back and an arm done on the baby jumper and started on a couple of christmas gifts, also did a little hunting in E-Bay. Did find a Louet spinning wheel but is in Belgium so am watching the price it has another four days to run.

Oh hint to myself for future reference 'Tuesdays with Morrie' is not the film to watch if you feeling a little down.

I finally got back into the studio this morning and got cracking with more kits for orders, this was foolowed by what was supposed to be an early start at youth club to tackle the script for the nativity play (ok no laughing I know my skills don't lie in the writing field but we don't have a huge pool of talent to call on) well started out alright unfortunately on the second of the three buses we had a small accident, I have to say that it was not the bus drivers fault, this school kid just walked out into the road, the bus driver himself said that he thought he was going to kill him, he didn't think he was going to stop in time, he obviousley automatically slammed on the brakes, being a packed bus it was a nightmare everyone was shot forward and unfortunately one poor girl ended up being thrown against one of the metal poles and bashed her head and arm. I have to say that the bus driver was quickly into action, and a retired nurse stepped into action and made sure that she didn't move, I am a first aider but I could see from where I was that she was in capable hands so I just sat in my seat as she obviousley didn't want to be crowded, this is when I watched a people were so desperate to catch another bus were stepping over this poor girl and wouldn't wait for the driver to open the rear doors, honestly could anything be that important that you are trampling an accident victim, I was so disgusted. So I decided to stay put to make sure no one tried to move her until the ambulance arrived and to keep her talking, she did seem to be fine and the ambulance guys were soon there and I left them to it.

This meant of course we were nowhere near a bus stop and the next bus stop was over flowing so I just carried on walking for a couple of stops. Finally got to the hall and we got a little of the script done but not all and by the time the kids arrived we managed a costume fitting and all I can say is that the angels have been miscast roll on three weeks time. And yes we have to sing Away in a Manger.

Just a couple of pics first of this wonderful camera case that Jac hand sewed for me,

camera case Posted by Picasa

Isn't it funky.
And this is a shot of our sunsets recently from the studio they have been spectacular.

sunset Posted by Picasa

Oh one last thing check out Little Lixies site to prove that knitters are taking over the world.


mariko said...

That camera case is so funky and unique! I gotta make one now...

Anne said...

Hope your weekend "off" helped your back. Back pain is no fun at all - you have my sympathy.

I love the camera case - and the sunset is gorgeous - every time I think of doing something like that all we have is thick grey clouds :-(

Off to look at Little Lixie now...