Friday, November 04, 2005

Photo Free

Sorry just a quick entry today with no pics as back is a little sore and sitting in the same position for any length of time is uncomfortable.

All I wanted to say was what a wonderful time I had yesterday, I started off late morning (takes me a while to loosen up in the morning) with my friend little Jacqui to go camera shopping, well we ended up in the Jessops in Olympia with a very helpful salesman called Charles (I have to say if you need to buy a camera I can highly recommend him as he is very honest and was very patient with all our stupid questions) well we spent at least an hour in there and I think we decided on the new Olympus DDigital great LCD screen and easy to use but decided to be sensible and walk away for a coffee rather than impulse buy (Jacqui is very sensible that way :).

The plan was to then head up to borders to gain reference books for her upcoming dissertation (anyone any suggestions on the use of digital cameras in teaching Key Satge 1 Science all very welcome) but I kind of made us make a small diversion, I decided that we needed a treat so especially as Jacqui has never been before we went to the ice cream bar in Harrods and indulged in a coupe of Banana Royales I will confess neither of us finished them as they were huge but a rare treat.

After a quick visit to the luxury bathrooms (well they have to be better than the ones in Borders) and another quick stop in at Office to try some trainers on we headed into town to Oxford street and submeged ourselves on education books with a strong cup of tea to keep our eyes open (the texts were a little dry) after doing a bit of sneaky note taking Jacqui left me to return back to SW LOndon for a brownie meeting followed by aqua aerobics (I don't know where she gets the energy) and I went on to Liberty to catch up as I haven't been in a while.

It was lovely to see everyone, I did end up going upstairs and a few purcahses (more of which tomorrow) and I just about got to the end of the evening if a little sore.

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