Thursday, November 17, 2005

New Knitting Group

I am glad to report that knitting is alive and well in Putney, I went and took part in the first meeting of a knitting club in The Natural Cafe in Putney high Street and met some wonderful knitters. And yes I did take some photos but my camera seems to be unwilling to give them up at the moment. Michelle set this up and we have already agreed to meet up again in two weeks time.

My back lasted really well in fact so well I decided to do some christmas shopping on the way home, unfortunately that may have tested it just that one step to far and really suffered last night and today so unfortunately couldn't face the journey to Liberty tonight as the thought of standing for long periods was enough to put me off

What I did manage to do was do the first couple of pages for my book on Robin and managed to talk to his son and have set up a time for me to go up and have dinner with the family. I'm having a lot of flashbacks at the moment (not all good ones I have to say) I guess considering what was happening this time last year I shouldn't be suprised but they are quite vivid and maybe a little to real sometimes. I guess its all part of the process.


littlelixie said...

Hey there. I got flashbacks on the anniversary of me going mad. Totally not the same I know but I know how vivid they can be. You've got my number if you need a shoulder. And if you're free next weekend....?

dawn said...

And coming up to christmas is always poignant.

I didn't know about the knitting group in putney - is it on in the day time or evening? I thought you meant Natural World (shop in the Exchange) which puzzled me a bit... Putney has rather a lot of coffee shops now, doesn't it? we're being overtaken by coffee shops and clubs.


Jill said...

I heard about that meeting in Putney, but having come back from holiday with hacking cough decided not to go - but I may well be up for it the next time. Whereabouts is the Natural Cafe? And wat time? Will it be on the 30th?

Michelle said...

I think it was quite a success, looking forward to our next meeting!