Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Falling to Pieces II

Back just about holding out enough to post more pics

heel Posted by Picasa

This is the heel in the modular sock as promised, I know it looks odd but determined to finish, second sock may look a little different.

SP5 parcel Posted by Picasa

This is the wonderful parcel I got from my SP5 pal who turns out to Glampyre whose blog I've been reading for a while. I'm sorry the pic doesn't do justice to the beautiful colours in the sock yarn as I thought I should take a pic before the gummy bears disappeared. She has been a fantastic pal and has sent me some beautiful things.

latest edition to studio Posted by Picasa

And finally this is my latest edition to the studio my VW money box which was brought for me by a friend, doesn't it match the yarn well.

Just a quick last note for those of you who have visited me at the studio Kim from studio 1 has just set up a website and blog showing her beautiful work so go check it out.


littlelixie said...

That sock is looking funky - I hadn't realised the scale fro the previous image. Love the VW bus as well! Just off to have a look at Kim's blog. Take it easy though! Will take ages to mend if you do too much. See you next Friday maybe? Unless you're at a show. Off to Paris on Saturday! Will have to find you un petit tour eiffel pour votre shelf x

Emily said...

Oh my god i want that money box!! I love it!
Those socks look very complicated, cant wait to see the finished article.

Anonymous said...

loved Kim's site. . . beautiful, in a very Kim way! couldn't work out how to write a very small note of appreciation on it tho, if you see her before I do please tell her I visited - thanks, Jacqueline