Monday, November 14, 2005

Beautiful Yarn

Not a lot of knitting done today a couple of kits completed, and an interesting games evening at youth club but by far the best bit if the day was my delivery from Curious Yarns. I was introduced to this site by Yvonne well in fact Yvonees' secret pal when she recieved a beautiful hank of silk. Unfortunately I can only show you a picture of one of the hanks because the other two are presents so maybe when they have been delivered to their recipients I'll post a picture but for now this is what I treated myself to
I know its more sock yarn Posted by Picasa

Its the most wonderful sock yarn, what I should have taken a picture of is the wonderful label which has all the information you would ever want on it from the standard tension and wash instructions to when it was dyed and the colours are wonderful. I also have to say the service was exceptional I ordered it very late friday night and I got an e-mail on Saturday to let me know that the yarn had been posted and low and behold it was on my door mat when I got to the studio this morning it was fantastic plus I got a few sweeties thrown in as a bonus :)

Unfortunately christmas is upon us and after many years of avoiding being involved in putting on a nativity show it has been decided that our youth club as part of their sleep over will put one on for the local lunch club, now don't get me wrong I'm not a scrooge but for those of you out there who have been involved in these things will now how stressful these can be. We already had three sulks this evening over who was playing Mary and that is before we get to the costumes. Now my idea was white t-shirts with the role in big black type on printed on them, nice simple and contemporary unfortunately I was out voted as it was felt that the little old ladies (their description not mine) wouldn't understand, felt that was a bit condesending myself but who am I to say but its back to drying up clothes on heads I guess and we won't even talk about wings for the angels!!!


Anonymous said...

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Mary said...

Thanks for the link to the site. I haven't seen it before but the yarns look amazing - I like the idea of the contrast skein for sock heels and toes. Good luck with the nativity play!

Jacs said...

Oh Nooooo not a nativity! I think the t-shirt ideas great. Did you try coloured t-shirts with big print idea? I an NOT making any more wings this decade!
Camera case looks fab, many comments. Will drop buy with yours, xJ