Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Odd Sock

Ok so managed to put the missing photos in from last nights post, small technical issue all sorted now:)

Unfortunately had a bad night with my back, message to oneself remember that even if your back feels better don't get to carried away to soon!!! So I have just spent a very quiet day at home, a couple of loads of washing but lots of resting so got a chance to get on with the odd sock, in fact I actually managed to finish it this afternoon. This is the sock just before the rib starts,

Just before the rib starts Posted by Picasa

I'll try and post a phot of the completed sock tomorrow as the one I took today was awful. I obviousley had help with the sock,

Michelle guarding the sock Posted by Picasa

This is Michelle guarding the bottem of the sock while I was trying to finish the rib.

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