Friday, November 25, 2005

Where to start

Oh what a day I had yesterday, I was on the steps of Liberty before they even opened yesterday, I was so excited, ok for those who don't know me should know that I have a knitting hero and he was coming to town, yes it was the infamous Kaffe Fassett, I know to some of you that may sound a little corny, but his use of colour for me is so exciting and to actually finally meet him in person.....
I was a little concerned that he wouldn't live up to my expectations but no he stood and enthused for an hour about colour and design and brought the most wonderful samples with him, some knitted and some of his quilts, in fact I was so in awe I forgot to take a single photo, I know how pathetic. He did let us know that he is working on a new knitwear book for next year and that he is having a big exhibition in Belgium in February (I feel a road trip coming on).
I was so inspired by him I felt that need to knit something in his style all over again so I went and brought a few balls of yarn to have a play with.

Kaffe inspired Posted by Picasa

Now we'll see if I actually get round to knitting it :) Whilst I was in the wool department I brought a few balls of wool for some hats for christmas pressies

gifts Posted by Picasa

Whilst I was in the department I notced the new stock and had to buy a couple of balls for a little play

new yarn Posted by Picasa

These all knit up into stripes but they also had some really beautiful textured yarns as well but was very good and restrained myself well at least until next tuesday with 20% off all day.
I've also decided to knit a few washclothes to put into christmas stockings. Unfortunately with all the time I had between the talk and the evenings knitting group at Liberty I went on a little trip to John Lewis and brought this yarn and pattern for a freinds sister who is convinced she is having a little girl, personally I am not so convinced as she is carrying it like its a boy so note the neutral colour.

baby project Posted by Picasa

I know that it is very plain for me but that is upon request as it was felt that it would never be used if was in my 'normal style'.

I managed to finish the left fronet last night on the bus home and have started work on the back while trying to take it easy today as my back is paying me back for all the excitement yesterday and the 20% off all books in borders yesterday, it did mean I got a little more shopping done though.

look our`ad Posted by Picasa

And just because a couple of people from Liberty last night reminded me how bad a buisness partner I had been here is the link for Skip North, places are going steadily but looks like its going to be fun


littlelixie said...

I also have my 20% off invitation! Probably see you there...

Yvonne said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me!

The new yarns are fun - I'm trying to resist them but it's hard when Dodie and Carole keep waving them at me from across the aisle at the show.

Tracy said...

Lots of lovely things to play with there and I'm glad you enjoyed meeting your hero. He is so inspirational, I think he could convince anyone to experiment.

Anonymous said...

so glad you had a good time with Kaffe!

by complete coincidence, on Friday I found the v neck tanktop I started this time last year (which I've been looking for ever since) which was inspired by him. . . will come visit you soon to discuss if that's alright

xx Jacqueline

ps managed to turn the scarf into a shrug, will bring show that too :-)

John said...

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