Sunday, August 21, 2005

Skip North and more .......

Just a quick entry as having a few problems, mostly a hot water tapp that won't turn off, don't ask but I think I now have it in hand but means I have a limited water supply fot today thankfully Les and Tess back tomorrow.

Just a litle more about mine and Little Lixie's venture 'Skip North' if you check out her blog she gives you the basic details but hopefully some of you will be able to join us, it is open to anyone, probably an interest in knitting will help:) There will be a website up and running soon with an accompanying blog so we can all join in the fun of the lead up to what I hope will be a fantastic weekend. So block off the last weekend in February now and start saving for those trips out that are planned to enable your stash.

One more thing thanks to all of you who have said nice things about my spinning I am having good fun doing it and did intend until the tap incident to send out some responses to the comments but this has put me a little behind so in the mean time many thanks.

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