Friday, August 12, 2005

brief interlude

I'm sorry I am still struggling with computer problems so I am over here at Silkwwod sharing their computer so at least I can upload a couple of photos. I have to admit that I don't like bloggong with out photos as I feel that even if the people reading my blog aren't interested in what I'm saying at least they have something interesting to look at.
First of all we had a great time at Syon Park over the weekend thankfully the weather held out for us with only a quick shower on the Friday. We had some wonderful helpers to Jill, Yvonne and Little Lixie. Little Lixie had made a wonderful necklace out of some of Silkwood silk. I managed to get some drop spinning done at the show see the results below but also I had an enquiry from WhichCraft a knitting store in Cheam about sending them stock.

Latest spindle action Posted by Picasa

So it has been a mad week putting kits togther as Yarnsmith also put in an order and Woolly workshop also put in a follow up order.

Close Up Posted by Picasa

Unfortunately this has left little time for much knitting but hopefully this weekend I can get a chance to catch up on testing some of the new patterns for kits.

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