Wednesday, August 03, 2005

If its not one thing its another

Ok so there was I last night all settled and ready to upload all my images of the wonderful time I had at Silkwood on Monday I turn on the computer and what happens, nothing, well not quite nothing I get up the window that says window has not opened properly and choose a way in which I wish to open, I go through all the choices and no joy I think I may have to use the rescue disc but this means I will be loosing evertything I stored on the computer, thank fully I have a back up for most things there are a couple of things though that I haven't like a couple of things that Robin sent to me, at the moment I am more angry than sad as the computer was perfectly fine when I used it in the morning so I have my suspisions that someone else in the house may have tried to use my computer while I was out.:(
So I am now sitting back in my local internet cafe so I'm afraid no photos and I think my bloggong may be a bit sparse over the next week but I promise photos on my return.


Yvonne said...

Do you want Matt to have a look at it? If so bring it with you on Friday!

treehousemermaid said...

Hiya - been meaning to come over and see you, but I'm one of those ungrateful people with annoying kids. . . All my plans ruined by summer hols.

Even got all the way up to your end of town yesterday, and then kind of didn't text you and came home again. Sorry.

If only I had bumped into you in the pub (on a rare night out with one of my girl friends). Instead, that mad Mark from next door studio to you bumped into us. . . Need I say more? Several hours and several pints (him, not me, I was having an even rarer glass of wine)later he said he was going back to his studio, but went off to the gents first. . .

I'm ashamed to say, we could only see one way out and we kinda legged it. I hope noone nicked his mobile phone or his bag or his interesting book about interesting books (well, that was my opinion, I think he thought it was all beneath him!) which he'd left on the table. . . But then the pub was completely empty by this stage, and he'd only gone for a moment or two.

And the most bizarre thing about all that? (Well, actually there were a lot of very bizarre things, you know Mark better than I do, you can imagine what I mean; back to the plot.) I kept asking him how old he was, he kept ignoring me. Eventually he asked how old I would like him to be (is this the Mark you know and love, or was he really pissed?) and I said "41, like me". 1964. Turns out he is five days older than I am. Very bizarre. But not as bizarre as if he'd had the very same birthday, so there you go.

We talked about Prospero's Books. He and my friend had a lot in common.

But listen, I really wanted to ask you about knitting. And tell you about knitting. Will try very hard to come up and see you soon. Scary sister-in-law arriving from Toronto as I type, so not sure about schedule for next few days - she's bringing her three, two boys and girl like mine but all a little younger. Hopefully they will all hate each other and fight like fury, so we will go our separate ways. . . Or should I be being nice about it and mention she's recently started knitting. . .

Can you tell I'm really grouchy today? This is what comes after a night out, seeing what normal people get up to instead of being stuck at home with the family. Should have put this in a long rambling email really, shouldn't I? But it's always nice to get comments on your blog, isn't it?

Hopefully your computer problems will soon be solved. love J xx

PS our cat is pregnant again, due to give birth imminently!

scarletprincess said...

Hi there,
sorry to hear about your computer... it must be something going around int he knitting community- mine is semi-broken with the internet playing up left,right and centre!

littlelixie said...

How annoying. Anything I can do? Just let me know. Will you be at syon on sunday too? Looks like Pooch isn't coming afterall (in an amicable way though) so I can go all out knitastic