Saturday, August 20, 2005

Isn't it funny

Isn't it funny how time seems to run away from you, I thought I had all this time to sit back and relax this weekend but now seem to be running out of time for some reason and am finding myself feeling guilty if I sit down and watch any TV. Never mind, I guess the one thing that is causing this is that my sleep is very interupted here as I worry about the foxes so I sleep very lightly here so any slight sound I wake up, not that I am complaining as that is why I'm here but I think thats what makes me slower at everything else, well thats my excuse any way.
I got my second ever e-mail today from one of the customers that purchased one of my kits from one of the shows saying how much he liked knitting it, which gave me a kind of buzz.
Also my spinning frenzy has continued let me introduce you to Wool Flower (working title) on the wheel.

An Ashford Country Spinning Wheel Posted by Picasa

Wound off into a hank,

One Hank Posted by Picasa

And a close up of one of the flowers. This yarn was greatly influenced by Ravens Daughter over on The spinning on the edge yaho group.

Finished close Up Posted by Picasa


littlelixie said...

The spinning looks awesome. I got one of those fake hawaiin garlands yesterday and am going to nick the flowers off that to spin in. Wow, you've been so busy and that is such good news about the new kits! (I have mentioned SKIP North as a working title on my blog now - sorry shall I take it off?!)

yarnpunk said...

Fabulous yarn!!! Keep up the great work!

Elizabeth in Alaska
aka ravensdaughter