Friday, August 19, 2005

And yet more

So all the bunnies are in bed and the cats are fed, so a little more time for me (how selfish). I managed to wind off that demented clown yarn off the wheel and also managed to complete a second hank of more normal yarn just to prove I can actually spin properly,

Two Hanks Posted by Picasa

well ok there is the odd bit of gold lurex spun into it but probably as normal as its going to get for me.

Close Up Posted by Picasa

I also prepped these flowers to spin into a hank tomorrow I'm thinking of a green base with green sticky out things if I can find some contessa that is the right colour.

Flowers Posted by Picasa

Here as promised pictures of the two colour teenage bunnies, they are a bit of a handful and definitely sulk if you don't take immediate attantion to them when you go outside. Thier brothers aren't like that at all.

terrible twins Posted by Picasa

And here is Gremal (not sure of spelling) refusing to give up my bed as it was his property and I was only a mere guest in the house.

Gremal Posted by Picasa

Final piece of good news for the day is that Tess has manged to sell one of my handspun hanks at Paraham. So I guess it gives me another excuse to do some more tomorrow.
Fingers crossed for a fox free night.


woollygill said...

Looks like you're having loads of fun - while the cat's away and all that. The demented clown looks fab - I think you should stick with that name for it. Gill x

Yvonne said...

When and where can I get my hands on a skein of demented clown? Between you and Tess it's no wonder I'm always lured away from conventional knitting!!

Daisy said...

I LOVE the demented clown skein (and the other one too, but there's something about the clown!).