Thursday, December 01, 2005

KNit. knit, knit

I know finally a post with knitting in it, well kind of.
First of all I finally managed to get some pics of the new knitting group in Putney,

knitting group Posted by Picasa

I am not even going to attempt names as I am only going to embaress myself but do feel free to name yourself, I know I'm hopeless with names.

Knitting Group Posted by Picasa

We had great fun, there is nothing like getting together with fellow knitters.

Knitting Group Posted by Picasa

The next meeting is on the 14th December at the Natural Cafe in Putney just down from the train Station.

knitting group Posted by Picasa

Actual knitting wise I have started a christmas hat from one of the balls of Gedelfi that I brought at Liberty and the stipes are coming out beautifully, I will post a picture when its finished.
I also had another idea for a knitting project, someone at the knitting group asked to see the color on color scarf that I knitted at the beginning of the year (I know I still haven't finished the I cords so maybe that should be my knitting for knitting group now thats an idea) so I dusted it off, its strange how things are different when they've been tucked away for a while, and the I remembered how much I enjoyed the construction that Kathryn Alexander used even if I wouldn't wear the final product and then I thought about the Kaffe Fassett talk and all his lovely coulours and patterns and wondered what would happen if I combined the two? I know I really don't need another project and have been very good so far........

I've also been tempted to join the self portrait tuesday group, I hope that it might get me past the block that I had after the self portrait project I had to do on my art foundation course back in 1996, so be warned there may be some strange photos appearing.

As for today, well of course its the knitting group at Liberty tonight and its our secret santa night and I am just about ready for it as it is always a challenge as you are only allowed a £5 budget.

So off I go to the studio to complete a few more kits before I leave for town.


Anonymous said...

I love sectret santa!
Did you get your package yet?

Dawn said...

hi nic
bugger it! i had a day off work yesterday so i could have come along! never mind. i have to say that i've never seen a knitter in putney, nor when i commute into work by either train or tube.

can't make it tonight again. this time it's because it's billy's birthday. so i will have some wine anyway!