Sunday, July 31, 2005

Another Day .............

Ok back and rested mangaged around ten hours last night, slightly interupted by the cats jumping on me at 4am but still caught up on some of my much needed sleep.
This means I am a little more positive than yesterday but I really do think now is my time to retire from that job, easier said than done as I love those kids (well most of the time anyway) and they are obviously in need of support but I am no longer sure that I am the one to provide it. I am so aware that in dealing with kids over the years and having met many teachers youth workers and uniformed groups leaders that there is nothing worse than somepne who isn't 100% committed to the job and I can honestly say that I no longer have that drive. Maybe its something to do with getting older, I no longer believe that I can change the world in the same way I used to. And it is definitely true that as I am getting older my tolerance and patience levels are shrinking.
Oh well back to the actual trip. Well all I can say is that it didn't rain on Friday so we headed off to Legoland. I'm not a great one for theme parks especially with groups of kids as they are so easy to lose in the crowds as they just wander off, but I have to say that as they go Lego land is one of the best I've been to with kids of that age, the one thing I would say that if you are taking any kids under 1.3m make sure that you have an adult with you that likes going on rides!!! I was very good I only chickened out on Dragon Falls and considering I have a problem with the first rung on a ladder I think I did pretty well (I closed my eyes a lot is all I can say).
The trip to Legoland was followed by a quick tea and off we went to the cinema for the 8:45pm showing of the Fantastic Four (our theory was that we just wore them out completely) which I quite enjoyed as a bit of fun escapism and I only had to do one toilet run. We got them all back safe and sound in their sleeping bags by 11:30pm and asleep by midnight which any youth worker will tell you is quite impressive.
On saturday we started the day with bacon sandwiches and cereal and headed out to Garsons farm for pick your own fruit and Veg. Now I know this sounds like a really odd activity but trust me its amazing how much the kids get into it unforthunately it did decide to rain on us but not to heavily and we left with a bus full of very tall Gladioli, Sweet Peas, Onions, Potatoes, Blackberries, Runner Beans, Strawberries and Turnips. To finish off we took a quick trip to bushy park for our packed lunch and a play on the adventure playground.
You want to know how many parents said thank you? Don't ask and we won't talk about the arguement I had with one about spending money. Parents have really changed over the years.
I had a lot better day today Les an Tess came over to vosot and brought Pizza with them for lunch which was great and got to talk wool and shows including advice on my PluckyFluff yarn. I also completed a hat in the last hank I span.
I promise more pictures tomorrow as I ran out of daylight, also pictures of my parcel from Plain Mabel, I will also be going over to Silkwood tomorrow so probably some beautiful colours and wools will be appearing.
The sunburn is still sore lots of cream going on.


Daisy said...

I took a nearly 3 year break from doing Guides and have recently started doing it again. The break was definitely what I needed so don't feel bad about stopping youth work, you can always go back to it if you find you miss it (!!).

Noo said...

Oo. Plain Mabel. I love Plain Mabel. I'm looking forward to seeing what you got!

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