Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Another Day another dollar

Yet another frosty day here in London, with an exceptionally bitter wind. Its difficult to tell because of the oil smoke coming from the oil fire drifting this was but it looked liked snow clouds yesterday so I don't think we are far off a sprinkling of white stuff.
Well yesterday I got my final orders in the post, I owe a big thanks to my stockists for being so patient with me and my back and hopefully now things seem to be returning to normal.
I wish I could say the same thing about my suppliers, I'm either getting excuses for things not arriving or getting the wrong order.
Did manage to get a delivery from Texere unfortunately not the one I needed

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There are some beautiful colours for kits on the cones but the undyed yarn is the wrong weight!!! Nevermind deep breathe I should be used to it by now.
This is the pic I promised of the new hat, I am far more pleased about this than the previous one that you can see in the background as I have now solved the pattern problem but am now converting it to a smaller size and have started a third, guess what my family is getting for christmas.

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I keep forgetting to mention that Yvonnes blog has a far better picture of Sue's work room than I managed.
Also I am considering changing the look of this blog by changing the template so if it all goes a bit squew wiff please be patient.


littlelixie said...

Hey nic. Hats look fab. There's a gang of us going to the handweavers studio on saturday...want to come too? Texere seem to be getting a little lazy...bummer xx

Annarella said...

Arghh, how annoying! Hope you'll manage to get the right yarn from them...

Love the hat! So pretty! The receipient should count him/herself lucky :)