Saturday, December 03, 2005

Secret revealed

Good news for those of you on Dial Up today no pics....

Firstly I can finally reveal the person I have been spoiling, well in fact she revealed herself in the comments, Becks who is from The Interrupting Sheep has been a wonderful person to spoil, she is always so enthusiastic about the parcels I send and I hope to kepp up with her on the run up to the wedding.

And for the people who keep asking about my poor back (I appreciate the good thoughts) it is finally on the mend and am starting to feel like a human again, well put it this way I can now put my shoes on in under 20mins woo hoo!!!! Now the debate is whether it was the three days I spent resting in bed and not doing anything besides going slightly crackers or the Phiten necklace that Kim got for me, I am not even going to explain the concept behind it but I am not taking any chances and haven't removed the necklace so far, you'll be glad to hear it is washable.

The other good news of the day is that Jac has finished knitting her first baby jumper and all we have to do tomorrow is finish sewing it up and put the buttons on. Pictures to follow.

So tomorrow Lixie is coming over to finish off the details of Skip North and possibly have a bit of fun.

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