Friday, December 02, 2005

A Little Late

I know its a little late but here is that quiz I was tagged all the way back on Nov 15th by Knitsmith

What is your all time favourite yarn to knit with?
Now thats a difficult one, I love Silkwoods Angora but I guess thats kind of biased but I guess there is always the Lorna's Laces :Lion and Lamb, it feels like butter to knit with its wonderful.

Your favourite needles?
Addi Circs it has to be but followed swiftky by the aliminium Boyles or Susan Bates (nice and light to use)

The Worst Thing You've Ever Knitted?
Oh far to many projects that have been either stashed away in a bag somewhere or has been frogged.

Your most favourite knit pattern?
The Pacific Grove Pullover

Most Valuable Knitting Technique
Learning to knit backwards, it really helps with short row shaping and colourwork.

Best Knit Book or Magazine
The one magazine that I most look forward to getting is Interweave Knits as it always has something of interest to read if not a challenge or two in the knitting department

Favourite Knit-Along
I guess the only kind of knit along I've taken part in is The Rowan Edgy Exchange where I recieved a wonderful Curly Whirly scarf.

Favourite Knitwear Designer
Jill Vosburg, I love Modular knitting and her patterns are so beautifully written and best of all actually go up to my size, I really wish they were easier to get here.

The Knit Item You Wear the Most
Probably my Angora mittens

Which Lucky Knitter Gets this Next?

Mary at ...Quite Contrary
Daisy at Daisy chains
And my SP5 Mel at Melanies Knitting

Will understand if you are not into this kind of thing or if you have already done when I wasn't concentrating.
Have Fun

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