Monday, December 19, 2005

Sleeping Angels

So I survived the weekend just about intact.

I arrived on the Friday evening with what I thought was five minutes to spare but when I got there most of the kids had already been dropped off, I am not sure whether it was enthusiasm by the kids or the parents who knows. So I settled the girls down in our room upstairs all nine of them, being upstairs meant that me and Carol were spoiled by the fact we got to sleep on the couches (this was a good job as I think with my back at the moment not sure that I could crawl off my airbed). Then we all got in the mini bus, not as easy as it sounds with kids, and headed out to the cinema. Now I was a little concerned that The Chronicles of Narnia may have been a little bit long for the kids but they were transfixed by it even our youngest whose Mum had warned us as we were going to the late showing (8:30pm till 11:10pm) that he was likely to be asleep about half way through but he was still going strong by the end and enjoyed every minute of it. I only had to do two toilet runs with the kids so only missed about ten minutes in all but I would recommend it anyone who has seen it what do you think about Mr Timnus' scarf I think its angora.
So we headed back to the hall and got there around quarter to midnight, now this is the point where I wish I could be in charge of the boys oh they are so much easier the girls were a nightmare. We finally got the last one onto bed and asleep at 1:30am this also included me losing half of my double sleeping bag to one child that seemed to have been sent with a fleece sleeping bag liner alone, I wouldn't mind this but we did mention in the letter if anyone needed to borrow one to let us know as both me and Carol have spares. So I fiinally crawled into bed at hald=f one after knitting an inch of my latest hat in the dark watching the kids and just got settled when we I neded up making the first loo run, this was the problem of being upstairs as the girls were frightened to go down by themselves so up I get wlk down the stairs, this carries on till around half three where finally all is silent, by this point I have found out that actually the couch isn't that comfortable and my back is beginning to hurt. I finally drift off only to find I need to use the loo myself at 5:10am and then drift in and out of sleep till the alarm goes off at 7:00am I reckon all in all I got at most two and a half hours sleep and you can see now why I decided on an early night on Thursday.

I was very good the next day as I only lost my temper once and that was when a couple of the girls went and did something I had told them two minutes before that they could not do, they seem to enjoy the rock climbing and came back and eat a full cooked dinner and then the nightmare began. Yes it was time to change and prepare for the play, actually in the end this was the worst bit, the play itself went really well and I was really proud of the kids afterwards when we had tea and cake with all the ladies who had been brought from the local sheltered housing. They made sure that they all had a cup of tea and made some lovely conversation, that really made my day. The parents of course were late to pick them up not a good combination with very tired leaders and kids but I think they all had a good time and are all talking about the next one.....

So when I crawled home on Saturday night I must admit I crawled straight into be as I was totally exhausted. After many years of doing this I seem to have got the knack of keep going until I get in my own house and then it is usually a shower and no matter whatever ideas I may have it usually ends up with me falling straight into bed. I do try and wait until 9pm before collapsing otherwise my body clock gets completely confused and have to admit I am still suffering a little and I think it will take a few more days for my body to completely catch up.

SO now onto Sunday, this was the first anniversary of Robin's death and was always going to be an interesting day, I went through various ideas about what I should do but what I ended up deciding upon was time to myself spinning and knitting shared with a very good bottle of red wine to spend with my memories. I would be lying if I were to say that I didn't shed a few tears but it was ok, now I just have to get through to the 23rd which will be the anniversary of the funeral.

Knitting wise, I have cast on another sock, I know I should finish one of the other projects but I have a good excuse as Little Jacqui is learning to knit socks and we are using the standard one that Web of Wool send out with their orders as it seems to be simply written, I decided to knit along at the amse time as it has been a very long time since I have knitted a cuff down sock, it also gave me an excuse to try out the new Opal I brought. I have also cast on a hat using a ball of Polar and a ball of my Crushed Fairy Wings, oictures of both of these coming soon.

Oh well almost completed half my Christmas cards today, just in time to put them in the post tomorrow, so a quick trip into Hammersmith in the morning to pick up a few bits and pieces and then back to the studio to finish the job.


Daisy said...

It sounds like fun (even if totally exhausting!) Thinking of you on all the first anniversaries - this will be my first Christmas since my Dad died and I'm still not sure what I think about it.

Mary said...

Wow, that's one exhausting weekend! Still, it sounds like they all had fun. Hope the 23rd isn't too difficult for you - I will be thinking of you.