Friday, December 09, 2005

Freezing fingers

Wasn't it cold today we were surrounded by fog all day, it did lift a little at sunset and we got this beautiful effect.

cold but beautiful Posted by Picasa

Obviousley the barbed wire and cement wall adds to the scene, this is roughly what I can see from my front room window, the wall you can see is the back of the private school that is in the middle of our council Estate therefore barbed wire.

Well back to earlier in the week, well on Wednesday evening I got to try my hand at babysitting for the first time in a few years as a favout for a friend, it hasn't changed to much. I managed a little knitting in a nice warm house and watched the documentry on Chuck Close whose paintings I love, I fantasise of making a patchwork quilt based on one of them. This is what my friend brought for me as a thank you

pressie Posted by Picasa

Aren't they beautiful, she also brought me a bunch of anenomes (my favourites after peonies) but I am going to wait till I get them into an appropriate vase to take a pic.
Knitting wise I started another pocket creature on Thursday night at Liberty, did manage to resist the urge to buy any wool and was very restrained in borders on the way home just a couple of small christmas presents. Other than that I am waiting in a couple of deliveries from companies to put together some new kits but as ever being a small company I get the last deliverys.
So my plans for the weekend is a visit to Sue's new workroom tomorrow and then its back to face those dreaded angel costumes on Sunday, all ready for a dress rehersal on Monday!!!

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