Saturday, December 03, 2005

More Pics

Just a few more pictures from Thursday night.
My wonderful Gift Posted by Picasa

This was the wonderful gift I recieved, you can never go wrong with a ball of wool (maybe another hat) and I love turqouise, bbut the best bit is the body butter, forgot how much I love that stuff.

Table Full Posted by Picasa

Ok lets see if I cann get the names right There is Hallie (I think), Mary, Sue and Jan all sat at our table in the Art Bar Cafe in Liberty.

Yvonne and Sue Posted by Picasa

I don't know what Yvonne said to make Sue look like that ........

just a reminder Posted by Picasa

We had a couple more sign ups on Thursday, we're getting close to the deadline now so go check out the website

And finally this is a pic of the 76 trombones version of a hat from Interweave knits, I knew I should have checked their website for corrections as the decrease for the crown has definitely been miscounted somewhere, so the top was a little hit and miss, I know just to do my own decrease for the next one.

Finished Hat Posted by Picasa


becks said...

i just received my parcel and found out who you are at last! and it's great to 'meet' you :)
thank you so much for being sucha great sp, i love my lace parcel so much and can't wait to get started on some of the beautiful patterns. you have a been a quite BRILLIANT sp!
thank you thank you thank you - and i will be popping by more often!
becks xx

Mary said...

Great pics of Thursday night. It was fun wasn't it? I love body butter too - lovely stuff.