Friday, September 29, 2006

all hands on deck

So I survived a long day at The Royal Chelsea
Hospital at the Interior design show, the picture shows Dan and Eric hard at work putting up the stand on Friday with the beautiful wall paper in the back ground (I have to say if you need any pictures, paper, mirrors or fabric hung these are the guys I've seen them work miricales) we were extremely busy all day and that combined travelling in the rush hour meant my feet and knees were the size of balloons on Wednesday but back to normal size now.

The move is still going as planned, Andy's mate is getting a van and we have plans for the whole weekend and the best bit is that I am working, probably the best idea as I get very stressed when moving, far more than nessecary so the plan is I go to work in the morning at Stash and return to our new home in Romford.

Ingrid has started using the yarn I dyed for her go and check out her great scarf here.

More knitting news later. Posted by Picasa