Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm so excited!!!!!

Andy has just called me from home to tell me I have a parcel waiting for me witha customs form on it listing yarn and choclate, I can only think that it is my Lace swap pal, I can't wait to get home tonight as it will make my day as I have a a couple of rough days as I woke up Saturday morning witha bad back so haven't managed to do half the things I was planing to do so this willl be a real treat.
The other good news the person that I was sending too, Martha (blogless I'm afraid) has also recieved my parcel and seems to like my choices.
I have a couple of parcels myself to send off this week to start with my magic yarn ball swap.
Knitting wise, before the back went I was making good progress on Swallow tail, and I have completely fallen in love with the yarn, it is so soft I think I'll even be able to wear it.