Monday, September 25, 2006

Sock Wars Update

So here they are all finished and complete, yes my
Sock War Socks , after a bit of a shakey start poor Yarn Monkey got all caught up in Hurracaine Gordon so has a few technical problems we were up and running late Friday Night.
We had a reasonably busy day in Stash on Saturday so no real knitting done on them then but the first was finished by the end of the day. The second one after a bit of a delay (notably sleep and a veiwing appointment for the flat, who didn't turn up by the way) I started on the second yesterday afternoon and by half midnight all but the grafting on th etoe of the second sock was done so now I am just sitting here waiting for an address, my assasin has already contacted me and have sent her mine so I think my assasination is iminent.
So while I sit here and wait for an address here are a few things I have found on the web recently.
I listen to a few knitting Podcasts but have just found Lime and Violet and really enjoyed the relaxed nature of this podcast in fact at one point it made me laugh out loud on the tube, I know they have just put up a new issue.

I am also considering knitting these from slipped stitch she has some great patterns.

I had an interesting time on Friday at the interiors show at the royal Chelsea hospital I got to catch up with a few people (pictures later) but this is the stand that I will be working on on Tuesday so if you are going pop by to say hi.

I also keep meaning to blog about cut out and keep, I recently recieved her Zine with a free gift which is great do check out her website though it has many many great crafty ideas on it. Posted by Picasa


knittingingrid said...

Beautiful - and you finished them so fast! Having seen this yarn in the flesh, those socks will be proudly worn by whoever gets them!

Anne said...

They're really pretty - mine aren't :-( (I'd promised myself that this was going to be a stash-buster - I don't have that much DK!)

Must go and carry on knitting...

cccavicch said...

Hi, Nic - the socks look great! No sock knitting happening for me here in NY, but maybe later this winter (once i get through my backlog of gift jumpers).

Hope all is well!


mrspao said...

I love cut out and keep!

I, like the view said...

do you take orders/commissions for socks?

(or know anyone who'd knit me some for £whatever)(within limits!)

I'd love a pair of really stripey socks. . . but I know my knitting limitations!