Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Here goes nothing

So here it is all being well this could possibly be our new house, we have a rough move in date but as Andy says until we physically have the keys in our hands nothing is for certain. I have to say that it needs a lot of work but it sounds like the landlord doesn't mind what we do with the place as long as we pay the rent unlike where we are now where we can't even put a nail in the wall to hang a picture.

What I do love about the new place is the fact that there is a field at the end of the road. Unfortunatley because of where it is it has meant we have had to give our notice in at the youth club as it was going to take us about three hours to get there involving three buses a train and a couple of tube trains, it is really unfortunate as the numbers are starting to increase but they understood our reasoning and we will work until half term so giving them a little time to find more help.

My back is still a bit achey if I do too much but off to Silkwood tomorrow for a bit of dyeing fun.

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I, like the view said...

looks lovely

from the outside

no doubt it will be on the inside once you have finished!

home sweet home!

hope you'll be v happy there