Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Almost back to normal

This is Shilin who came over to visit at the weekend, she now lives in Montreal with her husband (picture in a minute) but we studied together at GVSU in Grand Rapids Michigan in their wonderful art department there and then she did an exchange over here at my university. I think I worked out that I hadn't seen her since 2000 when I was over there visiting so it has been about six years so it was fun to catch up.
Where else would you take somebody for a typical english experience, thats right Liberty's for Tea, this is Shi having a Rose Petal Jam moment. We of course also had a curry, well it is the nations favourite dish apparently which Shi remembered from when she studied here. It also meant we got caught up in the Spanish experience on Regent Street on Sunday, there were lots and lots of people not my favourite thing I have to say but we saw a couple of interesting things and just the experience of walking down the middle of Regents St was quite bizarre. Posted by Picasa

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