Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wonderful suprises

Look at the wonderful suprose I found at work
for me yesterday, it is a wonderful hand knitted jjumper from Mary, apparently it turned our a bit over generous in size for her so she very kindly thought I might like it, she also left me the left over yarn apparently it is a angora, cashmere and lambswool yarn from Shilasdair and dyed using natural dyes. It is as if it has been knitted for me it fits perfectly. The colour isn't quite the the right colour it is slightly more on the blue red side and is wonderfully warm.

I also owe a thanks to Adrienne for donating all the remains from her infamous stash party to my kits and actually dropping it off for me at Stash. Thank you so much. Posted by Picasa


I, like the view said...

that is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Can't email you directly - a big thank you for the swap bot parcel the yarn and wrappings were fab and I am really looking forward to knitting up the nameless yarn into my first pair of socks - just need the courage now!

DianeM said...

Hey you look just like me :-) (your template I mean lol) thanks for dropping by my blog!

Annarella said...

Oh, my, what a generous gift, it sounds rather buttery too :)