Thursday, September 14, 2006

House hunting

I'm sorry for the delay in blog entry but this is the
wonderful choclate I recieved in my lace swap parcel me and Andy have had a great time trying out the unusual flavours, one had baked almonds and salt in and the other was orange, lime blossom and rice crispies.
The sugar has been much needed over the last coupleof days as they have been a little rough not helped by my back still being bad, it started when on Monday night on the way home from Silkwood and on the way to the first night of youth club after Andy had met me at Black Friars I got as far as Hammersmith and realised that I really couldn't go on as I was in quite a bit of pain, this made me feel really bad a s on the first night anywhere you never know what you are going to come across and as Andy pointed out if any kid would have started up at me that night I would have just burst into tears but still felt guilty about it. So we went home and I took lots of lovely pain killers and went to bed well in my case not to bed as I couldn't get comfortable so I ended up sleeping in my armchair.
The next morning we had to get up reasonably early as we had a prospective flat to go and view. Now we were quite excited by this as it isn't far from here, near a train station and had two bedrooms, we only have one at the moment, and the rent was roughly the same as we are paying now. The flat itself had been well looked after and everything was fine except we wouldn't be able to fit the stuff we have now into it even with the extra bedroom it was that small, it was also a little odd it had a set of french windows that opened out onto the car park!!! So we came back home a bit deflated and then I got to the task of sorting out my Coates Account. Over the last three months we have been having a problem with them saying that I haven't paid a bill where in actual fact I had straight into their account in fact, I even had the cheque number but no they still refused to believe I paid so I got a statement print out for them but unfortunately my bank doesn't state who cashes the cheque on the statement ....... and so on and so on until they sent me a lawyers letter over the weekend telling me they were going to send in the baliffs to recover the money so this ended upp with another phone call where they are still blaming me for the money and can't understand why I am having to wait for my bank to trace the cheque, I have to say that at this point she tells me they have been having some trouble with another company cashing there cheques why they didn't tell me this in the beginning I don't know. So after the phone call I've agreed to send them a cheque to hold until the bank has worked out who has this money and in the mean time I am to fax them the statement. By the time I get off the phone I have had enough it is all to much what with the pain the worry of having nowhere to live and now this financial worry I just broke down in tears, Andy was very good though didn't hesitate and took charge and we worked out a letter to send to Coates and more painkillers and telling me that everything will be alright.
So after trawling round most of becontree to find a working Fax machine I sent them this letter and came home and knitted a little and had an early night.
Thankfully the next morning we had a call from Coates they had found the payement but apparently the bank hadn't listed it as a check but as a transfer but they had only worked that out by telling them which bank I made the deposit. So I think from now on I'll be looking for a differnet supplier as this is the second time we have had this problem.
On the house front we spent a good amount of time yesterday e-mailing agencies to see what we could find at the moment the hot favourite is a place in Romford which backs onto a farm! We are waiting to hear about it.
I di have another wonderful parcel yesterday but my back is starting to object to sitting here so will post more about it later. Posted by Picasa


Mary said...

Sounds like you've been having a rough time. Hope your back improves and good luck with the house hunting.

jude said...

So sorry to hear about all your problems and hope everything turns around for you soon.

mrspao said...

Sending you a great big hug. You sound like you have had a terrible time and I hope that you get everything sorted out soon.

gourdongirl said...

I can sympathise with you, Nic. back pain is a nightmare. Hope it gets better soon. sending you lots of get well vibes!