Monday, September 04, 2006

Greenbelt knitting

This is the knitting that I started at greenbelt it is a simple pair of ankle socks for me, I am using I think cotton Opal of course I haven't got the label but I know that I brought it from Web of Wool at a show. I wouldn't look to close as I was knitting a lot in the dark and then lost the second part of my pattern prompts that I had written out, my thinking is that I am the only person who is likely to see the feet so if they don't match it isn't a major problem.
I have had to put those down for a bit now so I can concentrate on a comission shawl, its turning out to be one of those projects that caused me to stop doing comissions in the first place so am having to really force myself to finish it. Posted by Picasa

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mrspao said...

That's a beautiful sock. I guess that is the problem with commissions - you can't just pick up and put it down on for long periods. Just keep going!