Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I had a lovely day yesterday with Les and Tes, I got to meet all the bunnies and the hens and the beautiful cats and am looking forward to looking after them all when they are away. Also came back with their yarn for the Ali Pali show, I daren't even open the bag as I know there is at least one colourway that I have fallen in love with.
Didn't get a lot done today as just couldn't seem to get settled, I spent most of the day getting frustrated by my packaging problems, which still haven't been resolved, oh and agreed to send a piece of work for a show in Detroit in June.
Although still feeling exhausted I spoke to a friend who has spoken to a coumsellor about grief and they reckon that it is normal and can carry on for at least a year so I think I'll pass on the doctors appointment and just be patient.

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