Monday, February 21, 2005

I won the raeburn battle

I am just a little chuffed with myself )I know pride becomes before a fall) the raeburn was still burning successfully when Les and Tes walked through the door, oh and as an added bonus I still had all the bunnies and cats too.

I did a little spinning this morning its been a while, I forgot quite how much I enjoy it. It has the same medative qualiities as knitting, I could lose myself for hours even with the odd bit of help from the cats.

I also got on really well with my socks turned the heel on both and had finished one completely but then I left them there so no picture until their return.

Must dash have got my other hat on now as a youth worker, so I am off to battle through the snow to go and run a craft session for my youth club (hopefully will have inspiration on the journey).

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