Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Roll on Sunday

Oh what a day, admittedly better than yesterday, toe a bit better and all that but I think I have decided that I need a buisness partner some one who can deal with all the logistics as every time I attept to do anything thats the side I struggle with as this weekend proves, I don't think I'm aggresive enough when dealing with other companies hence I still gave no needles, no van or driver and very little detail from the organisers of the show. Oh well we shall see what happens trying not to get to stressed and am now going with what ever happens happens.
The good news of the day was that I got my delivery from Amazon and now you're going to ask me what they were as I've left them both at the studio so I wouldn't be tempted to read them instead of working one I think is freeform knitting and crochet and the other is about Modular knitting will bring home tomorrow and will write in proper names and links but both look great.
Oh well better get back to work.

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