Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Another Day

52 creative thread packs complete hooray..... only 38 to go. Then I get to start on the scarf kits, actually its not that bad I just have to stop myself from keeping any as I see them I keep thinking I could just knock up a quick scarf with that collection, in fact trying not to start any new knitting until the show is organised, really want to try and knit a cuff to cuff toddlers jacket in the style of the color on color scarf, but I'm being good, I might get a chance to do a bit of dying for the project.
The best news of the week was that Robins son and wife brought down our bed from Hatfield and for the first time since I moved back actually had a full nights sleep in fact had a straight nine hours look worse for it but hey given another night the bags under my eyes may look less loke suitcases.

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