Friday, February 04, 2005


Another day on, went to Liberty last night and hads a good time with all the girls, managed to restrain my spending to two balls of sock yarn one ball of rowans ne cotton rope (not to be used for knitting but for making Poi) and two meteres of Liberty Fabric which was on sale and half price which is their traditional paisley print in pinks and green.
Although I promised myself that I wouldn't cast on anymore projects before the show I couldn't resist casting on my socks (see photo above) I'm using Jill Vosbergs toe up short row sock pattern but I think I am going to take sues advice about doing both socks together so when I have finished the toe on this sock then I will cast on the second sock and do those which may mean I actually complete a pair of socks.
Color on color isn't to bad still only the I cords and buttons to do hopefully I will complete it by Saturday for the dye workshop, oh suddenly realised thats tomorrow oh well don't think it will be finished.
Oh well I'm off to sainsburys for all my resources for tomorrow.

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