Friday, February 18, 2005

Sorry no pictures!!!

One day down and the Raeburn is still lit...sorry not to much about knitting in this entry the only real thing I have done in the way of knitting is get another five kits wound up with the help of the cats.
A peice of good news is that I have finally found a company to supply my knitting needles, fingers crossed they arrive by Thursday otherwise I can see me spending my time at the show putting needles in boxes. Oh I forgot the other peice of good news is that wool'n'love who I met at the Sandown show wants to come and share my stand at Ali Pali which will ease the pressure a little now just the small problem of getting there.
I am having a relaxing time here surrounded by fleece and spinning wheels, the bunnies aren't too much hard work or the cats but the raeburn is definitely a challenge and as it is the best source of heat in the place I am concentrating most of my energy in keeping it going, I must admit its great for dryng clothes.
I'm sorry I missed the meeting at Liberty yesterday it sounds like a good one. Oh weel one more fox patrol and stoke of the fire and I think an early night for me.

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Jan said...

Hi Nicky, hope you're managing to keep the Raeburn going, as it is turning very chilly. Just seen some snowflakes falling this afternoon... Still at least you will have some fleece and cats to snuggle up with to keep you warm... Luv Jan xx