Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I should have stayed in bed

Oh the day didn't get a whole lot better, although the toe is feeling a little better if a little blue. I think the only way I got through the day was with the help of some good friends, Dan got me my milk and some lunch. Then Jacqueline answered my plea for help and came and help with some twisting up of skeins and even took some home to finish.Finally Jac came along this evening to help me pack so I didn't have to stand I just sat and pointed. As you can see from the photo its a little chaotic in the studio with half finished kits everywhere. Still no news on the driver fronet but something will turn up.
Oh I also posted a picture of my finished keyhole scarf, not that I got any knitting done today, I evenpacked the color on color scarf unfinished to go with me.
Well mor kit making tomorrow and some printing.

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