Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bruised Ego Day trip

This is bruised ego at the tattooist as you can see I have turned the heel and am heading up the cuff in a 2 by 4 rib to make sure it stays up.

Not having a great day, things seems to be conspiring against me today, firstly had to jump out of bed and get dressed very quickly this morning as we had slept in due to a very late night and Scott's mum gave us a call to let us know she was on her way. Never a good start for me don't do quick starts need at least ten minutes to just lay there for my head to focus.
Then the heat still seems as bad and am just hot and sweaty all the time at the moment, not pleasent.
The good news was that I finished a part of the test knitting for Noblin Knits but Yahoo has been down all day so can't send her my notes which is very frustrating as the knitted item is so cute (pictures to follow).
The new computer is sitting opposite me and taunting me because it still doesn't work.
I have just found out my ebay parcels which I thought had been sent on Saturday weren't so now have to get up extra early tomorrow morning to post as we are off to the youth club for a couple of days and we have to be there at ten so with a lovely hot sticky 2hr tube ride before that it looks like we'll be leaving around 7:30am (see earlier to see how I feel about early mornings) to spend the day at the farm in the sweltering heat followed by cooking for the five thousand (slight exaggeration) and then many hours trying to get them to settle (normally we don't bother and just make them stay up till they are begging to go to bed) and then getting some of them up in the morning to feed them and get them to school on time. Then coming back and doing something with the remaining kids until about two or three and then another two hour journey home. I haven't even mentioned the sleeping on the floor bit yet let alone sleeping seperately from Andy.

So to all of you waiting for an email or a response to an e-mail I am sorry but unless yahoo sorts itself ot in the next couple of hours I may not reply to you until Wednesday so anything urgent I will have my mobile with me. Posted by Picasa


mrspao said...

Hope it cools down for your trip - I feel for you on the tube in this weather!

Spinningfishwife said...

Don`t you just hate this weather? It`s like walking through glue.

noblinknits said...

Well the cooking bit should be easy - all you need is 5 loaves and 2 fishes. I'm so excited about seeing the booties!!!!!

littlelixie said...

Have also been thinking about tatoos! Love the delicacy of the scollwork. Hmmmmmm.....