Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Knit knit

Sorry its been a while, really haven't been feeling too well the
last couple of days , not helped by this awful heat. Feeling a little better, helped no end by sleeping for twelve hours Sunday night, went to bed for a nap Sunday night as was feeling a bit dodgy but didn't wake up again till 8am the following morning and still could have stayed there a few more eyes.
Unfortunately didn't feel well enough to go to youth club Monday so missed out felt very guilty about it but felt sick to the stommache everytime I stood up so the thought of riding the tube for a couple of hours each way wasn't on the agenda.
So have spent a quite couple of days napping on and off.
I've done a little knitting, I have turned the heel on bruised ego and it fits beautifully, the added bonus of toe up socks, I have finished the main body of the north west pacific shawl and aboout to start the edging and have worked a little on this scarf for stash out of Lorna's Laces Swirl which is a lovely mix of wool and silk and I thought it might be a bit stripey but here it is in the vera colour way, I know you can't see much detail of the scarf , still not happy with the design, but isn't the colour coming out beautifully more Tweedy than stripey and a really nice yarn to knit with.
Thank you for all the help with the beetroot we did a combination of the recipes in the end roasting them with potatoes and whole cloves of garlic and served with cream cheese (no sour cream available) and spring onions (no chives to hand either). Sorry no pics was all eaten to fast. Posted by Picasa


Wye Sue said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, sleep is the best cure.
That beetroot sounds good, if only I'd managed to plant some ;-)

dawn said...

It might be this horrible heat! I'm off to the stashflat tomorrow where it's cool and the commute is only 15mins train ride! I love the Vera colour, reminds me of flowers and bark (tree!). I have a wonderful recipe for borsch which I will email you.

noblinknits said...

I hope you get better soon! Sleep is a very good medicine. Definitely don't go on the tube if you don't feel well.

jude said...

Do hope you feel better soon. They reckon the record for the hottest day in July is going to be broken today so take refuge! I love your latest knitting but I have to confess that in this weather I can't face wool and am busy with (whisper this) a nice cool 100% nylon ladder yarn. Sorry.