Friday, July 07, 2006

Third reason

Sorry about the delay in th e third reason but blogger seemed to have eaten the last entry and I didn't have the patience to continue, but apparently it hasn't been eaten so here is the third reason for frogging these socks, I have a hole, can see no reason for the hole but there it is, now I could rip it back and redo that bit, not even going to try and drop down the stitches and pick them up but as I had two other very good reasons to not continue these socks they are now very happily frogged and a pair of socks for Andy in bruised ego are getting the magic loop treatment.

Well after a reasonably quiet day in the store yesterday I am spending the day putting the packs together for tomorrows adventures in knitting which I am really looking forward to as this kind of knitting really excites me.

I am about to cover the living room floor full of wonderful goodies including feathers and silk and beads and wire already for a day of experimentation.

I see that the new knitty is up and as normal there are a cuple of things that I want to knit including the fingerless gloves with the writing on the knuckles, I now just have to work out what eight letters I'm going to use. Posted by Picasa

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