Saturday, July 22, 2006

This is it

This is what I did, now I know that tattoo's aren't to everyones taste but I have been thinking about this for about 20yrs and the time was right. It is not huge and sits just below my neck between my shoulder blades. Its still a little red and feels a little like sun burn but it wasn't bad at all. It only took around half an hour, the inner cross will fade out to a more grey colour but it has just started to scab over but apparently should take a couple of weeks to heal.
I was so worried that I was still going to be unwell but thankfuly on the day of the appoi9ntment felt a whole lot better. I think there will be definetly more in my future. Posted by Picasa


Woolly Wormhead said...

Good stuff - everyone should have tattoos! Ok, that might get a bit boring if everyone had them. It should be quite quick to heal, it's go fine detail.

I'm still working out when to have my next one. It's going up from my bum, across my back, and also around my pelvis to the front - a big job!

pixeldiva said...

That's really stunning. Congrats on taking the step.

When I got my (first) tattoo a few years ago, it instantly felt "right", like it had always been part of me, and healed remarkably quickly.

I've been planning my next one ever since. Think next month will be the right time.

scarletprincess said...

I'm too chicken to get a tattoo though I've been admiring a few designs... I really like what you've had done and pleased you took the plunge!

noblinknits said...


sal the spider said...

I love it!!
I am in the planning stage of my next tattoo, it's on a tickly spot (there, that should get you thinking LOL)but I'll grit my teeth!

gourdongirl said...

I love it. Well done....welcome to the "club". I'm thinking about my next one...think I would like a daisy but where to put it is the big question?