Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Socks socks everywhere

Ok this is one of the socks that I have on the needles using one of my dyed yarns and a pattern from Knitty which I keep calling Hippopotamus but is in fact is something like Potamus from Knitty, I loved the lace pattern and once you get into the rhythm of them they aren't too complicated to knit but I think I am going to be frogging these for three reasons.
Firstly although I love the colour of this yarn it is far too busty for this pattern and you can't see the beauty of the lace in it.
Secondly It is knitting up to small for me (I have quite large feet) so really need to insert another repeat of the pattern to make it fit. Posted by Picasa


noblinknits said...

I love multi coloured sock yarn but you're right, they can sometimes overpower the lace patterns. I have in mind to try pomotomomomomsomssous soon.

jude said...

Love your yarn but what was the third reason?!