Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We're baaaaccckkkk

So we survived just and yes so did all the kids although very tempted to lose one or two.
We ended up at Brocketts farm near leatherhead which seems to have lots of things to do but there seems to be a lot of added extras you have to pay for on top of your entry fee.

So after catching up on my sleep last night as of course very little sleep was had on the sleepover, mostly due to the fact one of the parents had failed to warn us that her child had nightmares and sleep walks so I spent the entire night worried that he was going to try and get out the fire exit, we decided to fight with the new computer once more with success we now have sound and have running programmes so now the challenge will be the internet connection that will be fridays job I feel.

The picture was going to be of a book I had just started but unfortunately as normall have finished it already, I do love this series, its never going to change the world but they are one of the few books that I don't want to put down and make me laugh out loud, I defy anybody not to be amused by Lula and Grandma. If you haven't read any before check out the Evanovich website as she uploads the first couple of chapters of her books the only problem is that I want to have another book now.
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I have also joined a lace swap after seeing it on Yvonnes blog, I have missed out on a couple of swaps recently so this will be a nice one to do . Will try and put a button in the side bar but we all know how good I am at this computer stuff.


dawn said...

I've joined as well, wouldn't it be funny if we three were in some sort of round robin to save on postage!

noblinknits said...

Haha, I clicked on the Evanovich link and went to the lace page!

Laura said...


I am also rather tempted by the lace swap....might have to sign up too!


Daisy said...

Great to meet you yesterday!
I loved your sock yarn!

mrspao said...

Ah yes. I've just bought the last three so I'm up to date.

Rosie said...

have just read number 11, didn't realise 12 was out. can we have a stephanie plum special session at skipnorth 2007? am deeply impressed by Grandma Mazur: my kind of lady. plus I love the niece who thinks that she's a horse.

Liz said...

Another Stephanie Plum fan here..!