Friday, July 14, 2006


So here is the knitty pattern that has been distracting me
from my other projects its Perdita, the lilac version. I didn't have any Perle to hand but I did have this Koigu left over from a project and the only beads that I found in the house were these lovely red glass ones. I am really pleased with them so far and am going to get a couple of mother of pearl buttons to finish them off, but I also thought that maybe for another one I would leave the centre panel blank and sew little buttons all the way doen the middle.

Thank you everybody for the recipes I am going to tackle them tonight and if all goes well I'll take a pic.

Yesterday didn't all go to plan and didn't get places we were supposed to and remembered to late about my brother-in-laws party last saturday but I did make an appointment for something I have always wanted to do for next Thursday but more of that next Thursday. Posted by Picasa

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That looks lovely.