Sunday, July 09, 2006

What a Fantastic Day

I had a really wonderful day yesterday teaching the adventures in knitting class at Stash. Hello to my three students who were wonderful, really enthusiastic and really had the right idea and I really enjoyed spending the day with them.
I have now so many ideas of my own I don't know where to start, actually I know what I want to do first and thats do some spinning, after reading about everybodys experiences at Woolfest including Woolly Wormhead, Gourdon Girl and Spinning fish Wife all I have wanted to do for the last couple of days is spin but have been good and concentrated on the class. But now that we have potponed the sock class next Saturday I can get the wheel out and have some fun.
I am feeling a bit guilty about it though as I didn't see much of Andy yesterday being at work and now all I want to do is things that I enjoy so may put off getting the wheel out till tomorrow.

I am so glad yesterday went well I was a little worried that I would struggle as it would have been Robin's birthday yesterday, and yes I did think of him and was sad for a little while but it was ok. Now I know its silly and just a TV programme but Dr Who yesterday was kind of appropriate as it seemed to be about grief and death so had a little tear in my eye that maybe I wouldn't normally do.

I hasten to add that I am still in that wonderful warm and snuggly phase with Andy, I still have to smile when he comes into a room, and I can tell when he comes into a room even if I can't see the door and I have never been happier, mind you I am not saying we don't have our ups and downs, misunderstandings happen but we seem to sort them out, this all sounds very strange after writing the previous bit but its how I feel. Ok I'll stop with the sickly sweet stuff now. Posted by Picasa


alltangledup said...

sickly sweet stuff is ok, really..... It's good to see you happy.

It's also normal to feel sadness for a loved one that has passed on. Just because they're gone, they're never forgotten.

Piglottie said...

Glad you got through the day in one piece, if a little bruised.

I just had to leave a comment about the pic in your post - its divine! I love the colours and yarn combos - just wondering what it is, please?

dawn said...

Ha! Enjoy the soppy times, don't they say the honeymoon period lasts about 2yrs? I can't say I go weak at the knees when chris walks in, more like burst into laughter at his latest dress code, but at least we're still laughing (most of the time) after 12 yrs!

noblinknits said...

Ooh, the experimental stuff looks great. You have such a good taste for colour.

jude said...

I love your yarn - is this one of your own? I can see intriguing bits and pieces in it. Do you use this only for free form or does the tension average out over a larger area? What ever, I love it!

mrspao said...

I had a great time on Saturday. I particularly loved the knitted jewellery and the modular stuff too! It was great to be able to try out all those different materials and you've got me looking at things to knit with!