Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Look what we did last night, I managed to get some
free tickets to see a pre pilot of a possible new show
at Jongleurs in Camden. We got to camden a little early and wandered around for a bit and met Martin and Kim outside. We were still a little early as I am now paranoid after the Johnathon Ross experience and not getting in but this gave me a chance to catch up a little with Kim as now I am not in the studio that often we don't get a chance very often to chat.
So the show was made up with two parts, firstly a kind of interview section with a celebritory and then a troupe of improvisers act out sections of they're life story. I am making it sound far more complcatd than it is but it does actually work incredibly well.
Phil Jupitus was the compare and because it wasn't an actual recording for a show that was to be broadcast we didn't have to keep stop starting and it was just a straight run through, it was hilarious, of course I have forgotten all the names of the stand up comedians that took part, I should really start taking notes but the two guests were Anneka Rice and David and Carrie Grant and both were definitley game for a laugh as sometimes the improvs weren't always that flattering but they were good sports.
After we said good bye to Martin and Kim me an Andy decided to eat in Camden before we came home and we finally fell through the door at about quarter past midnight absolutely exhausted from all the laughing we had done. Posted by Picasa

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