Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Vague mutterings

Here is bruised ego in action, as you can see I have
used a fan toe pattern and am working toe up on a magic loop. I am really plesed with the colours because they are still fun but still manly if you know what I mean. I am almost at the gusset increases but have been sidetracked a little by a Knitty pattern more of which tomorrow.

I forgot a couple of important details about Saturday mostly the fact that on my way home after finishing at the store I was walking to the station and who should I see walking towards me but Mary who had popped down on the off chance that the store might still be open, unfortunately not so instead I had the wonderful pleasure of her company on half of my tube journey and she gave me one of her beautiful handmade beads which I am trying to work with into something (I know thats a bit vague but I have all sorts of ideas sparked off in my head and am not ready to limit them yet).
If you want to see us in action on Saturday check out Mumblings Posted by Picasa

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