Saturday, June 25, 2005

Edgy almost there

Ok so I managed to do the three last rows of Edgy then of course decided it needed another ten.
Wasn't the thunder and lightening amazing, apparently the lightening earlier in the week struck a set of flats locally and blew out an entire chimmeny stack and left a couple of people in hospital. No reports of any disasters yesterday but it was nice to get a bit of fresh air through the studio even if a couple of buckets had to be deployed as the rain was obviously going in the right direction to find the holes in the roof.
I had a good night at Liberty and manged to restrict my spending to four ball of DK Cotton

Rowan DK Cotton Posted by Hello
Well the oroiginal plan was to make another hat to continue my Fairisle oractice but last night ended up starting a blanket square in it so who knows
I alos brought these wonderful Dpn from Nancy especially like the short five inch ones for socks.

Dpn's Posted by Hello
She also had some great wooden larger needles that I think I might buy as a christmas present.
Yvonne also brought along our ebay wins from Turkey this is some of our leftovers,

Turkey wool Posted by Hello
sorry about the pictures forgot to take them until it was dark last night, will try to take some in the daylight today.
I decided its definitely the cardigan but think I'm going to wait and see what the cotton angora is like they said it was Pistachio so I think it may be the same as Dawns if not the moss green cashmerino aran will be put to use I think.
And look what Jan gave me fantastic as I was starting to run low .

My Pressie Posted by Hello

So I think there might be some dyeing on the cards today if I finish Edgy but want to get back to watch Glastonbury especially as Mageic Numbers playing tonight, it makes me crave a festival not sure about that much rain, we've been fairly lucky in the past and usually only have small downpours especially since they moved the site to Chelthnam and Glouster Race course (oh the joy of indoor loos I know I'm getting old) but just the thought of sitting in a field listening to good music and knitting sounds good right now. Ok another incentive to learn to drive.


Yvonne said...

What no pictures of Poppy! I'll have to send the pc repairman round as your pc is obviously broken!!

Love those colours in the cotton.

scarletprincess said...

Those yarns from turkey look scrummy! I went and had a look at the sale at Beatties today but there was Cork, chenille and a few other bits and pieces... so I didn't bother. I'm sure whatever you make with the handknit cotton will be great- good colour combo!

Tracy said...

We did a little route run to Bristol yesterday to check if I cold remember the way! (Sad I know, but it's been twenty odd years since I last had to do a training course there) We came back via Glastonbury, you should have seen the amount of police cars and speed camera vans on that road. I think the whole UK police force must have gone there too!