Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Almost there

Finally I am nearly at the fun bit of my edgy exchange, I will know better next time, I should know by now that me and long streches of stocking stitch don't match. Now the desicion is do I knit the handles or do I buy some we will see.

Other knitting news I managed to complete another tension square for argarve and I think its going to be ok in aran weight so I may dig out some of the calmer I brought in last years sale and try a swatch in that, I know looking at the pattern I am going to have to start on a sleeve because the armhole is given as a length rather than a row count but this is the only difficulty I can see in converting this pattern as there is no real shaping.

Here are the pictures I promised of my purchases from Caterham.

Purchase from Saturday Posted by Hello

Yes I know its more sock yarn :) Posted by Hello

I would put up the mitred socks but am not happy with them I think I may have to swap up into a thicker yarn, basically it was me trying to get away without doing a tension square.

I picked up a copy of the 'Quick and Crafty' magazine with the article featuring the Tuesday Morning group at Rays Jazz Cafe, there are some great pictures with some familiar faces. I thought it was a nice article and good to see Knitty get some press and of course a mention of the relax and Knit areas that we know so well. The added bonus being the article on Zoe Mellor and her Nursery Knits book and the pattern for her play cubes and her very cute party flags.

My other purchases for the day, to make up for me having such a bad evening at work, was The ELO CD

ELO Posted by Hello
don't ask but suddenly felt the need for some ELO I think its all the Scissor sisters I've been listening too and the The Magic Numbers Album

The Magic Numbers Posted by Hello

after seeing a late night special on them they sounded great.

So the plan for today try and at least start the edge of my edgy and definitely time to reorganise the studio as I can't find a thing.


scarletprincess said...

The yarn looks great... I love socks personally but i think i'll stick to buying them for now! It takes me longer to knit a sock than it does to make a jumper!!!
Fi x

dawn said...

I had my eye on the top ball too. Are the bottom ones Mexiko patterning? If so, they're chris's favourite (hint hint). I've caught him putting my mexiko socks in his cupboard before now!

Good news about the edgy. I've just got my sockapaloozer pal today - more knitting!

Tracy said...

ELO, you can have a good old sing song with them....fantastic!